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Semiconductor Technology Fundamentals
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Semiconductor IC Design
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Innovation Leadership for Technical Professionals
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IC Design & Techniques (2008-2014)
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Certificate Programs in Semiconductor Technology, IC Design and Innovation Leadership

The new set of certificates expands upon the solid education provided by the original Integrated-Circuit Design & Techniques certificate, while providing three different levels of education and skill development:

  • The Professional Sequence in Semiconductor Technology Fundamentals is intended for beginning practitioners, technician and processors.
  • The Certificate Program in Semiconductor IC Design is ideal for professionals who want to expand their design theoretic and skills.
  • The Professional Sequence in Innovation Leadership for Technical Professionals gives seasoned technical professionals the management, organizational and leadership skills to effectively lead groups, departments, plants and more.

The three new programs are especially tailored for professionals ranging from IC beginners to technology managers.


Certificate Programs


Program Design & Recommended Tracks (Recommended Course Order)


Certificate Program Requirements

All candidates for the certificate program must meet the following requirements:


  • Complete the four required courses for a total of 8 academic semester units.
  • Complete at least 2 more academic semester units from program electives.
  • Pass the program with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.
  • Earn no grade lower than a C in any course.

Students should formally apply by the completion of their 3rd course in the program. Students have up to three years to complete the certificate program of study from the original date of enrollment.

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Critical Note about the Certificate Program


  • Program Prerequisite
    There is no prerequisite for this certificate program.
  • Individual Courses vs. Certificate Program
    You may take as many individual courses as you wish without enrolling in the full certificate program.
  • Language Ability
    While there is audio option for Mandarin as well as English for learning the course, some material, slides, and other online content are in English only.
  • Technical Note
    Every course in this program also requires students have a broadband connection, internet, and ability/willingness to download and install Adobe Flash Player plug-in.


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