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X480: Introduction to Microelectronics


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Type of Credit Academic Credit
Campus Department EECS
Level Lower Division
Number of Units 1
Level of Difficulty Level 1 (Beginning)
Instructor Dr. Vincent Chang
Number of Lectures 10
Course Length 15 hours

Course Fee

US$ 375.00
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Course Description
With the consistent advances in nanotechnology and the exponential growth of functionalities in an integrated-circuit, the microelectronic industry is indisputably the most influential and flourishing industry in our society today. This course is intended for working professionals who have no background on microelectronics, but are interested in laying a foundation on microelectronic theories. Taking an application-oriented approach, the instructor will present an overview of the broad applications in the realm of digital and analog circuits. With a concise introduction of the most frequently used circuit theories and the vital characteristics of semiconductor electronic devices, the instructor will gradually channel those fundamentals into more complex circuit schematics and application modules such as amplifiers, operational amplifiers with bipolar and CMOS technologies, digital inverters, precision rectifiers, voltage regulators, and biasing techniques of amplifiers.


Free Course Preview
Lecture Topic Soundtrack # of Slides
X30 Course Overview  English / Mandarin 47 


Class Presentation
Lecture Topic # of Slides
Course Overview   47 
Circuit Theories for Microelectronic Applications  68 
Intro to Analog Amplifiers  62 
Intro to Operational Amplifiers: Bipolar vs. CMOS  47 
Intro to Digital Inverters  70 
Intro to Diode Circuit Analysis  50 
Applications of Diodes: DC Voltage Stabilizers  57 
Precision Rectifiers for Signal-Processing Applications  71 
Analysis and Simulation of BJT Circuits  59 
10  Biasing Techniques for BJT Discrete-Circuit Amplifiers  64 
HW2  Optional_MyTutor_Homework 2-P3_Digital Inverter  29 
HW3  MyTutor_Homework 3-P1_Half & Full Wave Rectifier   28 
HW3  MyTutor_Homework 3-P2_Bridge Rectifier  22 
HW3  MyTutor_Homework 3-P3_Ideal Peak Rectifier  11 
HW3  Optional_MyTutor_Homework 3-P4_Peak Rectifier  29 
HW3  Optional_MyTutor_Homework 3-P5_Design of Rectifier  64 
HW3  Optional_MyTutor_Homework 3-P6_Clipper  32 


*Number of slides are estimated


Additional Course Information
Who Should Attend

Many types of working professionals find this course informative, clear and easy to understand:

• Majored in EE but need to brush up on their knowledge in this area for advancing their careers.
• Wish to enter the semiconductor market and are looking to acquire essential knowledge and build a solid foundation in this area.

Course Syllabus

Course Prerequisite

You should have fundamental knowledge on physics primarily focusing on very basic circuit theory at high school level, such as Ohm’s law and the definitions of voltage, current, and power.

You should access detailed information in the Classrooms after you register this course.


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