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X481: Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits


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Type of Credit Academic Credit
Campus Department EECS
Level Lower Division
Number of Units 1
Level of Difficulty Level 1 (Beginning)
Instructor Dr. Vincent Chang
Dr. Han-Bin Lin
Number of Lectures 10
Course Length 15 hours

Course Fee

US$ 375.00
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Course Description
Fundamentals of Integrated-Circuit Design reveals the underlying concepts, theoretical basis, and the industry-standard simulation tool for IC design, emphasizes the operational amplifier (OPAMP) characteristics from the modeling perspective, and highlights the amplifier behaviors and limitations in the frequency-domain. Designed for engineers and technical professionals, this course provides a practical blend of fundamental concepts and analog circuit properties through the analysis-by-inspection and circuit simulation using PSPICE. This course also guides the student, even if the student does not possess a background in IC design, to develop confidence on problem-solving skills pertaining to the critical integral part of many analog systems - the OPAMP. Topics include basic OPAMP circuits, s-domain analysis, applications of OPAMPs, non-ideal characteristics of OPAMPs, and understanding frequency limitations of amplifiers—a pivotal foundation for advancing to more intricate IC design topics such as oscillators and filters.


Free Course Preview
Lecture Topic Soundtrack # of Slides
X31 Course Overview  English / Mandarin 53 


Class Presentation
Lecture Topic # of Slides
Course Overview  53 
Closed-Loop Amplifier Configurations Based on OPAMP  72 
Basic Concepts in Frequency Domain Analysis  82 
Frequency Domain Applications of OPAMP  65 
Design and Simulation of Differential Amplifiers  68 
Small-Signal Frequency Limitations of OPAMP  61 
Large-Signal Frequency Limitations of OPAMP  57 
Nonideal DC Characteristics of OPAMP  71 
Frequency Domain Analysis: Complex Transfer Function   81 
10  Frequency Domain Analysis: Time-Constant Methods  69 
HW2  MyTutor_Homework 2-P2_Analog Multiplier  37 
HW2  MyTutor_Homework 2-P3_Differential Amplifier  29 
HW3  MyTutor_Homework 3-P1_Offest Voltage & Bias Current  40 
HW3  MyTutor_Homework 3-P2_Unity-Gain Bandwidth of BJT  45 
HW3  MyTutor_Homework 3-P3_Case Study (Optional)  53 
S1  Supplement 1_Amplifier Basics (X30)  62 
S2  Supplement 2_Operational Amplifiers Basics (X30)  47 


*Number of slides are estimated


Additional Course Information
Who Should Attend

Many types of working professionals find this course both hands-on and interesting:

• Majored in EE but need to brush up on their knowledge in this area for advancing their careers.
• Wish to enter the semiconductor market and are looking to acquire essential knowledge and build a solid foundation in this area.

Course Syllabus

Course Prerequisite

You should either have taken the prerequisite offered by UC Berkeley Extension:

"X480: Intro to Microelectronics"

or possess working-level knowledge on basic electronics, such as amplifier basics, OPAMP basics, circuit theory basics, including KVL, KCL, source transformation, and Miller theorem.

You should access detailed information in the Classrooms after you register this course.


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