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X486: Fundamental Mixed-Signal Design


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Type of Credit Academic Credit
Campus Department EECS
Level Graduate School
Number of Units 1
Level of Difficulty Level 4 (Advanced)
Instructor Dr. Vincent Chang
Number of Lectures 10
Course Length 15 hours

Course Fee

US$ 375.00
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Course Description
Ever-increasing applications on signal-processing such as video and wireless communications demand high speed and high resolution data converter techniques. Teaching you how to become a more professional engineer through a practical online learning of diagnosing and tackling real-world issues, Dr. Chang will arm you with the solid foundation to reach a higher standard of proficiency. This course is intended for practitioners who have industry experiences or knowledge background on electronics and are interested in upgrading their hands-on design skills in the modern techniques for the data conversion. Include data converter fundamentals, characterization, performance limitations, and Nyquist-rate D/A and A/D converters.


Free Course Preview
Lecture Topic Soundtrack # of Slides
  Course Overview (Slide Show Only)  English 47 


Class Presentation
Lecture Topic # of Slides
Course Overview  47 
Intro to Data Converters  69 
Sampling Basics and Anti-Aliasing  58 
Static Characteristics of D/A Converters  59 
Dynamic Characteristics of D/A Converters  30 
Performance Limitations of A/D Converters  48 
Current Scaling D/A Converter  39 
Voltage Scaling DA Converters  42 
Successive-Approximation Register A/D Converters   38 
10  High-Speed A/D Converters: Flash  35 


*Number of slides are estimated


Additional Course Information
Who Should Attend

Many types of working professionals find this course challenging and interesting:

• Majored in EE but need to upgrade their knowledge in this area for advancing their careers.
• Wish to enter into the mixed-signal design sphere and are looking to acquire essential knowledge and build a solid foundation in this area.

Course Syllabus

Course Prerequisite

"X31: Fundamentals of Integrated-Circuit Design” or working-level knowledge on electronics is expected.

Grade Structure

Your grade consists of the following elements:

• Class Discussion: 30%
• Homework Assignments: 20%
• Midterm Exam: 20%
• Proctored Final Exam: 30%

You should access detailed information in the Classrooms after you register this course.


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