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X487: Mixed-Signal Design


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Type of Credit Academic Credit
Campus Department EECS
Level Graduate School
Number of Units 1
Level of Difficulty Level 5 (Proficiency)
Instructor Dr. Vincent Chang
Number of Lectures 10
Course Length 15 hours

Course Fee

US$ 375.00
International Currency Exchange Converter
Course Description
Completely updated to reflect the extraordinary advances in the data converters, this course sets the professional online learning standard in the IC design sphere. This course is intended for practitioners who have experience in analog design or knowledge background on electronics and are interested in upgrading their design skills in data converters. Topics include: Nyquist-rate DACs, investigation of INL and DNL, Nyquist-rate ADCs, and design issues in Nyquist-rate ADCs.


Free Course Preview
Lecture Topic Soundtrack # of Slides
Course Overview_Slide Show  English / Mandarin 39 


Class Presentation
Lecture Topic # of Slides
Course Overview  39 
Current Scaling D/A Converter: R-2R Implementation  62 
Charge-Scaling Switched-Capacitor D/A Converters  60 
Investigation of INL and DNL in Charge-Scaling DAC  54 
Thermometer-Code D/A Converters  51 
Serial A/D Converter  75 
All-MOS Charge Redistribution ADC: Noninverting  70 
All-MOS Charge Redistribution ADC: Inverting   32 
CMOS Clocked Comparators for Flash ADC Design   41 
10  Design Issues in Flash A/D Converters  43 


*Number of slides are estimated


Additional Course Information
Who Should Attend

Many types of working professionals find this course challenging and interesting:

• Majored in EE but need to upgrade their knowledge in this area for advancing their careers.
• Wish to enter into the mixed-signal design sphere and are looking to acquire essential knowledge and build a solid foundation in this area.

Course Syllabus

Course Prerequisite

"X236: Fundamentals of Modern Data Converter Design” or fundamental knowledge on data converters and analog IC is expected.

Grade Structure

Your grade consists of the following elements:

• Class Discussion: 30%
• Homework Assignments: 20%
• Midterm Exam: 20%
• Proctored Final Exam: 30%

You should access detailed information in the Classrooms after you register this course.


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