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X491: Analog IC Design


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Type of Credit Academic Credit
Campus Department EECS
Level Upper Division
Number of Units 2
Level of Difficulty Level 4 (Advanced)
Instructor Dr. Vincent Chang
Number of Lectures 20
Course Length 30 hours

Course Fee

US$ 845.00
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Course Description
Advances in signal processing, analog/digital conversion, power management, and continuingly scaling down of CMOS nanotechnology have ushered in the era of analog IC design with multi-standard challenges in the 21st century. This state-of-the-art course includes stability of feedback, frequency compensation, multistage OPAMPs, and CMOS OPAMP designs with the industry-strength tool—HSPICE. You are required to work on a research project which scope covers the design of an advanced CMOS OPAMP, a compact low-voltage low-power OPAMP, and high-performance CMOS comparators for flash ADC applications.


Free Course Preview
Lecture Topic Soundtrack # of Slides
Course Overview_X141  English 46 


Class Presentation
Lecture Topic # of Slides
Overview  46 
Stability of Feedback: Basic Concepts  66 
Stability Study of a Noninverting Amplifier  48 
Root Locus: Effect of Pole Locations on Stability  78 
Frequency Compensation: Basic Concepts  40 
Frequency Compensation: Implementation Techniques  43 
Miller Compensation & Pole-Splitting  48 
The Multistage OPAMP: Parts and Functions  70 
DC Analysis of Bias Circuitry  33 
10  DC Analysis of Input and Gain Stages  52 
11  DC Analysis of Class AB Output Stage  52 
12  Frequency Response: Hand Analysis vs. Simulation  61 
13  Slew-Rate: Hand Analysis vs. Simulation  53 
14  Two-Stage CMOS OPAMP: Part I  36 
15  Two-Stage CMOS OPAMP: Part II  50 
16  Cascode CMOS OPAMP  50 
17  Folded-Cascode CMOS OPAMP  59 
18  (Optional) HSPICE 1  61 
19  (Optional) HSPICE 2  50 
20  (Optional) HSPICE 3  49 


*Number of slides are estimated


Additional Course Information
Who Should Attend

Many types of working professionals find this course both practical and challenging:

• Majored in EE but need to brush up on their knowledge in this area for advancing their careers.
• Wish to enter the semiconductor market and are looking to acquire advanced knowledge in this area.

Course Syllabus


You should either have taken the prerequisites offered by UC Berkeley Extension:

"EL ENG X489: Fundamental Analog ICs"
"EL ENG X490: IC Filters and Oscillators"

or possess working-level knowledge on fundamental analog ICs, such as feedback, current mirrors, differential amplifiers, single-stage amplifiers, frequency response, and class AB output stages, etc.


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