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X487.2: Innovation for Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs


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Type of Credit Academic Credit
Campus Department EECS
Level Lower Division
Number of Units 0
Level of Difficulty Level 1 (Beginning)
Instructor Dr. Vincent Chang
Number of Lectures 0
Course Length 0 hours

Course Fee

US$ 750.00
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Course Description
The surprising fact is that only 1 out of 10 new product launches, whether low tech, high tech, B-to-B/B-to-C, or consumer products, leads to a profitable & sustainable business. This course unveils the keys to an effective innovation and the steps to epiphany, which includes creative thinking, SMaC, productive paranoia, product development vs. customer development model, Golden Circle, Law of Diffusion of Innovations, and case studies. It is not just for all the founders and executives, but also for engineers, and marketing & sales professionals. This course also provides you an opportunity to work on a real-world business project and learn how to take a concept from an idea to a successful business.


Free Course Preview
Lecture Topic Soundtrack # of Slides
The Law of Diffusion of Innovations  English 55 
SMaC  English 44 


Class Presentation
Lecture Topic # of Slides
The Golden Circle  35 
Law of Diffusion of Innovations  55 
SMaC  44 


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