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X492: Capstone Semiconductor IC Design


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Type of Credit Academic Credit
Campus Department EECS
Level Professional Post-Graduate
Number of Units 0
Level of Difficulty Level 5 (Proficiency)
Instructor tbd
Number of Lectures 0
Course Length 0 hours

Course Fee

US$ 375.00
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Course Description
This challenging course is intended for working professionals who possess semiconductor fundamentals and aspire to become competitive semiconductor IC designers. Lectures include: advanced microelectronic circuits and advanced analog ICs, such as current mirrors, differential amplifiers, single-stage amplifiers, frequency response, low-frequency feedback, stability & frequency compensation, CMOS OPAMP, folded-cascode CMOS OPAMP, and rail-to-rail techniques. This course also provides an opportunity for you to work on an optional research project with an emphasis on analog ICs or mixed-signal design. The chosen research topic should be practical in today’s industry and also can be implemented in numerous applications, such as data acquisition or cloud computing system.


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